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01-Jan-2018 13:51

resumes its 10th and final season in just over a week (on Friday, January 28), making that “unbelievable” Lois-and-Clark moment all the closer. But I certainly didn’t see this coming, so I’m just flying by the seat of my pants! ]It would be nice to have continued on having had the secret for a while, to showcase that she can be a supportive person. He does this thing with [scattering] the blossoms, and it’s such a wonderful surprise.

And while Erica Durance is excited to see Clark (played by Tom Welling) reach his destiny, she admits that saying goodbye to the show she has called home for six-and-a-half years is “very bittersweet.” TVLine welcomed the opportunity to sit with Erica and reflect on life as Lois, Clark’s upcoming journey, and her own plans for after Would you have thought a year ago that you’d now be playing the future Mrs. They’ve been doing a great job of keeping the integrity of [Clark and Lois] and still letting them have their moments. But she was looking for him to trust her, so when he finally does it’s quite amazing for her. They gave us such a good portion of time to work on the scene, and it was a That was actually my next question: Are you and Tom having more fun than ever? I don’t want to speak out of turn for him, but there’s a way we both approach work and how we feel about it.

What's going through your mind so close to the end?Welling: I find myself pretty excited to, in a sense, graduate.Every summer for the last 10 years, just after July 4, I've come back here. I am anticipating that around that time is when I'm probably going to start more reflection.I’m just starting to work on something that has to do with Lionel and uncovering what’s going on there.

He has another arc going with some of the other characters, so I haven’t gotten to work with him specifically yet.Because we are so busy now there isn't much time to think about that. , it's the birth of this next phase in this character's life, which is pretty exciting.