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Tthere were men we worked with over there that we only knew by nicknames.I was also only with the 1/50 for a few months, so I was still basically an FNG. Gaudens Statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman (1820–1891) reads: "This is the soldier brave enough to tell - The glory-dazzled world that “war is hell.”.In the final segment of what has become Jan's Trilogy of a Vietnam R&R Experience..move to Christmas, 2006, where Jan is visited by her former friend in Key West, Florida.

I thought it appropriate that the bookends should be completed by writing about the last action, which left Sgt Gary Cokely KIA and SP4 JR Dacus, PFC Jim Vonesh, and I as WIA.

Others were screaming with rage and some had to be physically restrained from charging down the hillside...""May 5, 1968 was the worst experience that I had in Vietnam.

"A" Company took casualties in March and April and these were bad enough to teach a soldier about war and what it can do to a man. I was alone behind the enemy lines for so long with a wounded soldier beside me.

In this well written story, Paul describes what it was like to be informed of our man's death back on the home front...provides insight into the days that followed, including Don's burial."When I volunteered for duty with the Short Range Ambush Platoon (SRAP) on 10 February 1969, my final day of in-country training at the 173rd Airborne Brigade’s Jungle School, I had no idea that in a few months I would be going to work aboard a rubber boat...""In May of 1969 the 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 50th Infantry's Short Range Ambush Platoon (SRAP) established a tiny forward base at grid coordinates BR965828.

Officially designated 'Patrol Base Carol' the small, lightly fortified encampment on the tip of a peninsula jutting a kilometer into Dam Tra-O (Lake)met a number of military requirements...""I climbed aboard the plane with the LT and we got acquainted while taking off.

Because the plane was a fixed wing craft, that meant we could not cinduct the reconnaissance with the slower Huey Helicopters..we got to the area of the Charlie Alfa long before they did....""The 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry's Short Range Ambush Platoon (SRAP) conducted scores of amphibious ambush patrols between late May and the end of August in 1969.

Accordingly, there was little need for a temporary trial period such as dating before a permanent community-recognized union was formed between a man and a woman.… continue reading »

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He was assigned to what was known as the "Internet Team", the group responsible for the Value Ace e Commerce website.… continue reading »

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