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Styles include the Chandelier, Drop, Dangle, Hoop, Huggy, and the Stud (Post) style.Manufacturers represented are Harley-Davidson®, MOD® Jewelry, and Asher® Jewelry, all well known for high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.The Uke's Team would like to invite you to visit our 3000 square foot museum filled with vintage signage, parts, and Uke's Harley-Davidson® memorabilia dating back to 1930 when Uke first opened the dealership.You are also invited to cruise through our three rooms of Harley-Davidson® and Buell motorcycles with over 30 on display.First, H-D says the redesigned Softail frame is 65% stiffer compared to last year.In the real world, if the stiffness is calculated from contact patch to contact patch, the increase is a functional 35% – after passing the forces through the steering head and the swingarm pivot.Although the Low Rider, thanks to its mid-mount pegs, doesn’t gain as much lean angle as some other Softails, the difference is real – and noticeable when ridden back-to-back with the previous generation.Harley clearly wanted to highlight this improvement in the Low Rider (and the entire Softail line) since almost the entire route of the two day introduction traversed some of the best sport riding pavement in Southern California.

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Our earrings are fine jewelry, meaning they are made from high quality materials, including rare titanium metals, as well as plated and solid gold, sterling silver, with high quality gemstones, including diamonds and crystals.

However, there are also some fairly obvious changes.

The dual shocks have vanished for the single underseat unit.

On display you will also find hard cover Harley-Davidson® enthusiast magazines from 1930 as well as a 1930 Harley-Davidson® which sold for 5 as the brochure shows.

Above the 1930 Harley-Davidson® you will see the 4 cents that Uke took in that first day April 1, 1930 and coins left by fellow guests from around the world.

Unlike necklaces, which date back to the Stone Age, the use of earrings is a much more recent convention, dating back only 4,000 years.